On this page you will find brochures containing information on BPM Solutions and Projects.

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Facility opening and maintenance (brochure)

Construction management (brochure)

Solventa – coordination of building permits with public entities – (brochure)

Solventa – coordination of building permits with public entities – (video)

Geoplan – infrastructure management – (brochure)

SySprocess Suite

SySprocess Occupational Medicine (brochure)

SySprocess (ORP) – (video)

SySprocess delegated ORP (brochure)

SySprocess delegated ORP (video REE success story)

Empresa Saludable (brochure)

Decisions on Openbravo with PLAN (brochure)

CAE_process-supplier content management – (brochure)

Expense Management (brochure)

TeLoEnchufo – GTD task management – (brochure)

Committee-based decision management (brochure)

Launcher – facility opening and maintenance – (brochure)

CRM – customer relationship management – (brochure)

Onsite – in person marketing – (brochure)

Sales opportunities – (brochure)

PlanTalk – ‘process centre’ platform – (brochure)

Compliance Engine -Platform that continuously evaluates compliance – (brochure)

CaMAprocess – quality and environmental management – (brochure)

Authorisation to access ICT resources (brochure)

Optimus CPD – data centre change and problem management (brochure)

PlanTalk – multichannel solution with integrated process management – (brochure)

PlanTalk Budgets – budgeting solution (brochure)

Financial/real estate asset management (brochure)