Geocisa implemented SySprocess ORP to manage their occupational risk prevention system and BPM-PLAN to manage their procurement processes, synchronised with their ERP.


Customer requirements

Geocisa posed following challenges:

  • Simplify, unify and/or standardise processes.
  • Adapt the solution to the type of projects.
  • Internal regulatory compliance.
  • Powerful content repository.
  • Same tool used for all processes.
  • Complete process traceability (where, who, when).
  • Transparency: users may know the status of each process.
  • Allow teamwork in real time.
  • Facilitate risk control.
  • Potential to change, enhance and grow as new processes are added.
  • And perhaps most important: overcome the resistance to change by introducing new customs and practices.

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Webinar de Geocisa

D. Anselmo Soto, Director de Servicios de Geocisa, ha relatado en esta webinar el proceso seguido para la digitalización de varios de sus procesos de negocio (14/6/2016).

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