Management of knowledge and systems operations in a technically complex environment.


Customer requirements

The IT infrastructure that supports BBVA’s business activities is enormously complex, with the following aspects requiring improvement:


  • Serious difficulties transmitting information on problems and maintenance activities from one shift operator to the next in an orderly fashion.
  • Difficulty understanding the specific operation of all running services, products and applications, which required a great deal of additional documentation for consultation.
  • Need to have various technical operator profiles in order to operate and control all of the installation’s components.
  • Resolution of the problems reported in Remedy.
  • Difficulty organising and communicating incidents to the people affected by them as they occur.
  • Difficulty identifying the physical location of each one of the infrastructure components and the services they provide.


  • Complexity of the technical environment due to the wide variety of systems and products used, all based on different technologies and all having an impact on one another.
  • Difficulty identifying the computers, applications, services and user areas affected by the infrastructure problems, which makes it terribly difficult to notify the affected users in a timely manner.
  • Need to consult various applications to obtain information on the physical, logical, operating, acquisition and maintenance characteristics of each one of the computers, services and products, and to keep the information synchronised and updated.

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