EMS implemented a solution for the sales and operations area that they share with their international suppliers.


Customer requirements

In order to manage the organisation of multiple enterprises providing consulting services in different cities and countries, manage the service agreements and track the fulfilment of the service agreements, the customer’s needs were as follows:


  • Offer shared with the entire organisation.
  • The portfolio of services is weakly linked to the physical location, which generates uncertainty when it comes to confirming the offer and closing the deal.
  • The client does not have a service procurement platform available to employees.
  • The client needed a line of communication with the end customer (expatriate), the hiring company and the local service providers.


  • Facilitate the control over operations as they are carried out, not knowing at any given time how the situation stands in relations to a particular service or end customer.
  • Improve the handling of problems with the final service.
  • Improve operating cost control and budget deviations.

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