The “Optimus ICT Operation and Development” Suite provides comprehensive management of incidents and changes in the central and distributed infrastructure, user support and management of new developments.

Operations Modules

  • Incidents: Manages users’ incidents that end up being resolved or requiring support.
  • Requests: Management of user requests from the catalogue of ICT services.
  • Changes: Planning process for mass/individual changes and backtracking taking the agreed SLAs into account.
  • Operation: Managing remote operation of data centre machinery, services and products with parameterized actions.

Development modules

  • Ideas and requests: Solution for organising, prioritizing, budgeting and planning new developments.
  • Technical Assistance: Provides the necessary infrastructure for new developments, including the specification and possible recruitment of third parties.
  • New developments: Solution for controlling the planned verifications and validations as well as budgetary compliance and deadlines.

Some references:

  • Data centre operation: Solution that includes a CMDB, incident management, change planning, GIS with the arrangement of the components in the room and remote control of servers.
  • Service desk: Solution for receiving and managing user requests.
  • Anti-fraud: Orderly management of the alleged incidents of fraud in electronic media, including classification and resolution by a specialised technical team.
  • Access to ICT resources: System for authorising access to system by external technicians.