These solutions focus on the most common Human Resources processes.

  • Vacancies: Announcements of new openings.
  • Selection: Selection processes to fill vacancies.
  • Welcome: Processes of welcoming new hires or reassigned employees.
  • Expenses: Management of the business expense approval processes with complex organisational structures.
  • Activity reports: Reporting on hours spent, by project and task.
  • Holiday leave: Holiday leave approval process.
  • Expatriates: Support services for employees stationed in other countries.


  • Provisioning of resources: System for managing authorisations to access the organisation’s IT resources, applicable to both internal and external resources. Can be supported by WBSVision which automates the entire process, from administrative authorisation to direct application to the corresponding product/application/system.

Some references:

  • IT provision for external resources of a large international bank.
  • Management of multinational expatriates
  • HR recruitment and selection processes for various entities.
  • Expense management for international bank.