These solutions are aimed at managing sales units, tracking opportunities and serving customers.

  • New products launch: Solutions for coordinating the process of designing new products/services, coordinating the pertinent tasks and decisions.
  • Product catalogue: Solutions for publishing and distributing the active product/service portfolio at any given time.
  • Sales force management: Solution for tracking the sales force and managing business opportunities and offers. Can include settlement and commission calculation processes.
  • Customer complaints and problems: Solutions designed to provide multichannel customer service with a storage of all previous communications.
  • Customer communications manager to monitor the status of the relationship with the customer, including all incoming and outgoing communications, regardless of the channel used.
  • Proximity Marketing: Management of authorises advertising sent to clients when detected at a WiFiGO Access Point (stadiums, stations, shopping centres, etc.

Some references:

  • Product design: Committees to create new products/services in the restaurant and banking sectors. Linked to the commercial portfolio.
  • CRM: Management of customer relations with different approaches depending on the importance assigned to the customer and sales support.
  • PlanTalk: Support solution for managing outbound campaigns and telephone service integrated with business processes, using different ICT technologies.
  • Complaints: Resolution of customer issues (ticketing).