These are solutions that enable the company to comply with its corporate objectives, laws, regulations, procedures and risk control.

  • SySprocess PRL: Occupational risk prevention per OHSAS 18001 (ORP solution).
  • SySprocess MA (old CAMAprocess): Solution for quality assurance and compliance with environmental management under ISO 14001.
  • SySprocess CAE (Business Activity Coordination): Solution for managing the documentation required of suppliers as mandated by law and the entity’s own internal approval processes. This is one of the Business Activity Coordination tasks (BAC).
  • SySprocess MT (Occupational Medicine): Platform for managing medical exams, medical analysis and medical histories and for designing and administering health surveys (formerly called Saludprocess).
  • Compliance Engine (CE): Platform for defining indicators and gathering the data needed to calculate and evaluate compliance with the stated objectives. For example, it can be applied to DJSI, Health Company, Criminal Compliance and Corporate Compliance for the continuous assessment of compliance rather than an annual snapshot.
  • CE-CRP: Compliance Engine specially configured for Criminal Risk Prevention requirements (Criminal Risk Prevention consulting in collaboration with PlusLegal Abogados, legal advisers).


  • Laboratories: Occupational risk prevention (ORP).
  • Construction: ORP, quality and the environment.
  • Utilities/Power: Occupational risk prevention which is managed internally or delegated to suppliers.
  • Aeronautical industry: Occupational risk prevention (ORP).
  • Insurance: Occupational risk prevention (ORP) and occupational medicine.