These solutions are aimed at sharing information and assigning tasks to foster collaboration.

The solutions that fall into this category are aimed at solving problems of dysfunctional management characterised by a huge numbers of calls, messages, paper documents, etc. The solution is to create a new structured information environment and a knowledge repository for the company which greatly reduces the dependence on people.

  • Committee management: Solution based on decision-making in large enterprises where decision-making is organised around committees. It is used as a component that can be added to any solution.
  • Personal tasks: Solution for managing personal tasks and third party assignment in team without hierarchies. Follows the GTD work organisation methodology.
  • Autoprocesos: Solution which provides support for the design and creation of simple business processes by users themselves.
  • Ticketing: Case management solution for handling incidents, complaints, etc. from both users and customers. This type of solution adheres to the case management paradigm, using a more relaxed process flow structure than usual in BPM.

Some references:

  • Committee management: This decision-making system has been included in the solutions for various large international banks to address business issues such as new products or corporate risk management.
  • Autoprocesses: It has been applied to dispatching in connection with the management of telecommunications infrastructure.
  • TeLoEnchufo: Task coordination manager for the IT area of a large international bank.