Mass document processing services which typically involve tasks such as classification, digitalization, extraction of information, filing/custody and the launching of associated tasks. This is one of Cibernos’ historical activities.

Document Processing

  • Integral document life cycle management.
  • Consulting. Identification and description of funds.
  • Internal movement, transfer, custody and purging.
  • Digitization. Certified digitization
  • Digital file.
  • Certified document destruction.

Documental Outsourcing

  • Digitization and data capture.
  • Document processing.
  • Document processes.
  • Registration/loyalty-building campaigns.
  • Service Management.
  • E-invoicing, delivery and tracking of invoices at FACe points. (more information)
  • E-government.

Video-identificación remota

  • Servicio de identificación de clientes sin la necesidad de su presencia física en las oficinas de la entidad.
  • Con el apoyo tecnológico y experiencia de Infocert.