Corporate WiFi network design

  • To provide connectivity to employees in corporate offices, headquarters, sales offices and production centres.
  • We design the deployment of Access Points (AP) at each location and the wiring.
  • Configuration of network electronics and APs.
  • SSID configuration needed for each individual service and routing to the Internet or the corporate network.
  • Use integrated corporate certificates and authentication with an identity management module.
  • 4G-LTE module available to provide low cost Internet access by location.

Design of free WiFi networks

  • To provide connectivity to customers in:

    Small locations: bank branches, insurance offices, shops, retail spaces, transit stations (coaches, buses, trains), rental car companies.

    Large locations: stadiums, convention centres, fairgrounds, transit stations, airports, etc.

  • Design the deployment of APs (Access Points) for each shop/location and the wiring leading up to them.
  • Configuration of APs and SSID for each segment of the service.
  • Deployments of quality bandwidth for up to 30,000 users at a time.
  • Additional 4G-LTE modules available to provide small venues and offices with Internet.
  • On-board module available to provide modes of transport with WiFi (bus, coach, train, tram).

Service Support

  • Centralised console for parameterisation, monitoring and 24 x 7 incident management.
  • Provides reports on customer connections per shop/location and totals, along with other service parameters (SSID, application, port, preferential use areas, etc.).
  • Opens the door to additional onsite marketing services or proximity marketing based on the identification of the user in a certain location or position.
  • Compatible with the following brands of AP devices: Cisco, Aerohive, TP-Link, Aruba, Meraki, Mikrotik, Teldat and Huawei.

WiFiGO Scenarios

  • Retail premises / supermarkets.
  • Bank branches.
  • Shopping centres / stations / airports.
  • Government buildings.
  • SmartCity.
  • Modes of transport (on-board WiFi).
  • Rental cars.
  • Corporate buildings.