RED (Real Estate Development)

REO (Real Estate Operation)

Independent, customised services for financial institutions, funds and other entities designed to manage their financial and real estate services

  • Door to door recoveries
  • Short sales
  • Mediation
  • Litigation (Legal and backoffice)
  • Foreclosure (voluntary and extrajudicial), dation in payment, property administration (property tax, CCPP, others)
  • Property awards
  • Transfer to Oreo


  • Capex
  • Key holding
  • Commercial reports
  • Commercial debugging
  • Publications
  • Escort service (appraisals and sales visits)
  • Property sales and rentals
  • Own distribution network


  • Property management
  • Rentals
  • CCPP
  • Property tax
  • Others

Support Services

  • Call Centre
  • Information for owners
  • Telephone services for reporting and resolving technical and functional issues for managers
  • Assistance services
  • Obtaining registry documents
  • Evaluating commercial reports

Strategic Consulting

  • Delegated promotion
  • Project viability
  • Land development


Support for converting high risk mortgage assets to cash.

What are the benefits?

For the owner
Fast financing of mortgage payments.
Sales process completely independent from them.
Minimal management and processing costs.

For the Bank

Liquidation of risk asset.
Costs less than taking ownership of the property.
Less impact on reputation.

For the Buyer
Below market purchase price.

Phases of the service