Process Center is the new attention concept powered by PlanTalk. It is a multi-channel attention platform integrated with business processes to effectively manage customer service and improve attention quality.


What it resolves

PlanTalk is designed to support advanced customer service platforms which at Cibernos we refer to as “Process Centers”. This platform integrate the world of customer service (clients, agents) with the world of business management (processes, backoffice).

Application scenarios

In sectors like banking, insurance, utilities, telco, customers change companies frequently and also have a high rate of incidents. By effectively resolving their problems and correcting errors, we turn what would have been an expense into an opportunity for improvement.


  • Multi-channel: communications with the contact are independent from the channel used (voice, chat, sms, email, fax, social networks).
  • Processes: includes a business process management (BPM) platform for interacting with clients that also offers a complete range of fully integrated additional tasks.
  • Integration: This platform is not intended to function independently, in an isolated manner but rather interwoven into the company’s existing information system infrastructure.
  • CTI Multitechnology: Plantalk is designed to use different CTI technologies that offer a two-way integration WS interface. Currently, the approved technology is Invox by Numintec.

PlanTalk Solutions

  • Claims / Incidents: Occasional inbound calls from customers/active users which are answered, handled or redirected for resolution.
  • Orders: Occasional inbound calls to place an order for a PURCHASE.
  • Agendas: Occasional inbound calls to make an APPOINTMENT with a technician.
  • Information Campaigns: Mass outbound calls to send INFORMATION to a people on a pre-selected contact list.
  • Sales Campaigns: Mass outbound calls to process SALES of products or services to the people on a pre-selected contact list.
  • Surveys: Mass outbound calls to GATHER information from people on a pre-selected contact list.
  • Budgets: Generation of complex budgets from the same service position.
  • Mail: Automatic attention of mail accounts managed by PlanTalk agents.