BPM PLAN is a platform for rapid development and maintenance of agile business processes.

What it resolves

The solutions developed with PLAN are located on the operational layer, at the crossroads between mountains of documents, hundreds of emails, multitudinous phone calls and faxes, data from different sources and media, etc., which is where much of company’ idea-sharing and decision-making currently take place.


The different types of existing BPM products classified by focus include: “documental”, “integration” or “collaborative”. PLAN clearly falls into the third category since it includes:

  • Organisation of work by process.
  • Assignment of processes by roles, as shown in the task trays.
  • Two-way email integration, for both notifying/informing and deciding.
  • Native mobility interaction to receive notifications, capture data, make decisions and use the device’s gadgets.

Application Scenarios

Typical scenarios include:

  • Facilitating information-sharing and decision-making
  • Integrating data from various systems and applications.
  • Expeditiously expanding the functionality of third-party systems
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Corporate processes applied to groups of companies with different B/Os
  • Single user interface to interact with complex and diverse B/O