Product focused on creating dashboards based on the use of visual components that can be viewed on different devices.

What it resolves

Analytical and reporting tool under web architecture which allows the user to see the analytical documents defined in BI4Web Studio from anywhere with Internet access.

100% Web functionality

  • Accessible from any browser
  • 3rd availability
  • Single installation

Dynamic and intuitive

  • Easy and quick access to information
  • Allows real time decision-making with real data
  • Data export to any format


  • Protected access with login authentication. Users can only view the information for which they are authorised.
  • Data encryption protocol for Internet access.

100% mobility

  • BI4Web allows you to access information through any device, PC, tablet or smartphone regardless of operating system, Windows, iOS or Android, without having to install any application on the client’s device, in a single implementation.

Application Scenarios

Typical scenarios include:

  • Sales tracking
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Logistics control
  • Human resource indicators
  • Control of business operations
  • Continuous improvement of processes (BAM)