GIS systems provide the location of the elements as an additional attribute. They provide spatial queries to easily determine what is near/far or inside/outside. This technology adds tremendous value to issues where the location of the element is relevant.

Special GIS for government agencies.

  • Zoning
  • Heritage Management
  • Urban development management
  • Street maps
  • Territorial portals
  • Environmental management
  • Municipal parcel maps

General GIS

  • Infrastructure management
  • Real estate inspections
  • Inventories
  • Geomarketing
  • Network digitization (telecommunications, roads, power lines, etc).

Some references

Territorial maps:

  • Environmental maps of the Ministry of the Environment
  • Territorial and city planning maps of Marbella
  • City planning maps of Las Palmas

Georeferenced street maps:

  • Digital street map of Zaragoza
  • Digital street map of Las Palmas
  • Digital street map of Valdepeñas
  • Digital street map of Marbella

Field work:

  • Inspection of vineyards and livestock farms in JCCM
  • Parks and gardens maintenance for Viveros Pagoal (City of San Sebastián)

Thematic map production:

  • Madrid Urban Development Area

Network digitization:

  • Digitization of telecommunications networks on Smallworld PNI for Ineco
  • Digitization of telecommunications networks on Smallworld PNI for Ufinet
  • Digitization of road networks for the Madrid Highway Authority