The development of process management solutions provides a number of advantages, some of which include the assignment of work to profiles, the traceability of operations and the ease of continuous alignment with the business.

Proyectos BPM

BPMS  platforms favour the development of tactical solutions for business processes which are:

  • Agile since they are generated in a very short time and they provide competitive advantages.
  • Flexible because they can be quickly adapted to changes in the customer’s company.
  • Liberating because they can be adapted by the customer independently
  • Integratable by facilitating communications with the rest of the IT infrastructure.
  • Accessible in the office and on the move with mobile devices.
  • Profitable in that they provide a ROI that is 2 to 4 times greater than the competition.

Tactical BPM solution scenarios:

  • COMPANY scenario: Collaborative solutions for integrating or expanding the functionality of existing IT systems.
  • BUSINESS GROUP scenario: Corporate solutions with single interface that works with each company’s B/O.
  • B2B/B2A scenario:

    Customers: Sourcing, credit management, integrated order and billing, etc.

    Suppliers: Integration of supplier in the value chain.

    Accounts Payable: Tax management, licensing, etc.


  • Microcredit approval single interface
  • Admission treasury operations -GMRU, GTF-
  • Management of customer registration process
  • Management of delinquent mortgage assets
  • Management of centre operations
  • Processing of permits to access ICT resources
  • Employee equipment (sw, devices, etc.)
  • Electronic fraud management (ticketing)
  • ICT logistics change management
  • Customer Service Centre
  • Committee-based decision management
  • Personal task manager (Getting Things Done)
  • International Contracts
  • Management:
    • Permits for work on public roads
    • Management of telecommunications nodes
    • Facility maintenance and management
  • Expatriate commercial and operations management
  • Expense account approval process
  • Openbravo ERP authorisations
  • Maintenance of operating procedures
  • CRM
  • Integrated offer and procurement management system
  • New products
  • Services catalogue
  • Reservation management
  • International billing
  • Integration of sales data
  • Occupational Risk Prevention
  • Management:
    • Quality and the Environment
    • Industrial Certifications
    • Sustainability Management (DJSI)
  • Sector-specific information technology legislation