Do you really want to know how your company is doing and identify the causes easily?

Business Intelligence projects are those in which the main objective is to present certain data in such a way that users can quickly tell when everything is alright, according to the established parameters, and when there are problems. They also provide a system for browsing through data from those at the top of the hierarchy to those at the bottom so as to easily identify the origin of the problem detected.

Very visual graphic components are used to present these systems in order to make them easier for any user to interpret.

BI projects are usually divided into the following phases:

Design of balanced scorecards:

  • Study of the types and layout of the graphic controls to be used.
  • Browsing levels and aggregation of information down to the level of the smallest detail required.
  • Access structure for each user.
  • Design of supplementary reports.

Datawarehouse Design:

  • Real: Design of the physical data model where data from third-party systems will be collected and aggregation of data sets required.
  • Virtual: Some BI tools do not require the development of a physical data warehouse. Instead, they have in-memory datawarehouse which makes the system even more agile and flexible.


  • These systems need input from third-party data systems and therefore require good integration strategies.


  • The visibility study must ensure that all devices have total accessibility: AnyWhere, AnyTime, AnyDevice


  • Once the BI tool is chosen, the design is implemented.

Some References

  • Dashboards (IKEA)
  • Dashboards (Transfesa)
  • BAM module for BPM PLAN (Cibernos)

BI products

  • BI4WEB
  • JasperSoft
  • Other customer BI products