The administration of a modern city/municipality requires an ambitious approach, not only in terms of what needs to be administered but how. 

e-administration philosophy

The pillars of the transformation from administration to e-administration are:

Transparency of operations and processes

  • Any manager can check the status of in-flight processes and consult the ones that have already been completed.
  • Summarised information can be published or made available to citizens for consultation.

Everyone working with the same data

  • The responsibility for information maintenance must be clearly assigned.
  • It must be available for consultation by other government units and the citizenry.
  • Elimination of errors and identical data with different values

Easy accessibility to remote processing by citizens

  • Submission of requests
  • Status reports
  • Reception of notifications and citations
  • Submission of required documentation

IT approach based on integrated information management

  • Data
  • Documentation
  • Processing
  • Position
  • Identity of participants (physical or virtual certificates)

Technologies to consider:

  • BPM
  • GIS
  • Database
  • Web
  • Document management
  • Mobility
  • Integration middleware
  • Email
  • Electronic certificates
  • BI
  • Smarcity (IoT in the city)

More information on Smartcity projects


  • Publication of geo-referenced street maps (Las Palmas, Marbella, Zaragoza, Valdepeñas)
  • Urban development publications  (Marbella, Las Palmas, Zaragoza, Madrid)
  • Public land assets (Madrid, Zaragoza)
  • Emergency GIS (Bomberos Madrid)
  • Case management (Valencia, Valdepeñas, Marbella)