At Cibernos, we offer you much more than just a job

Grow with us

We are a group of companies that is constantly growing and where teamwork is encouraged. When you work with our customers you’ll be working with market leaders on cutting-edge projects using the latest technology.

If you would like to join our team, send your CV to

  • Career development, training and professional development:
    • We design ongoing training programs based on your experience, skills and needs.
    • Specialisation. We offer diverse projects and promotion opportunities.
    • Personalised development plans based on your (HR) coordinator’s assessment.
    • Career opportunities in different areas of the consulting field depending on your knowledge, experience, objectives and professional interests.
  • We reconcile work and family/personal life. Our corporate culture has evolved over time, making us increasingly sensitive to the expectations and needs of our employees, striving to strike a greater balance in all aspects of life to achieve higher satisfaction levels, stronger commitment and hence higher productivity.
  • International mobility. If you are interested in and curious about other countries and cultures, we give you professional opportunities to explore them. In recent years we have developed business and activities in new geographical areas, which has led to growth, new challenges and policies that encourage the international mobility of the Group’s employees.
  • Strength, experience and stability.
  • Technological innovation. We never stop researching and developing.
Innovative, dynamic and flexible people who can work as part of a team.

There is always a place for you at Cibernos. Find the best option.

Did you just graduate?

You’ve just graduate or are about to and you want to start your professional career. Even though you don’t have any experience, we have faith in you. We offer job opportunities for enthusiastic people like you to apply everything you learned in the classroom. With the support of your colleagues and our training plans, you will meet the challenges. Little by little, you will take on more responsibilities, learning and growing along the way.

Do you want to supplement your studies with an internship?

We welcome students in the final years of their university studies. We offer part-time, paid internships which will still give you time to study.

This is one of the best ways to break into the job market, completing your academic training as you embark upon your professional career.

During this time, you will receive theoretical and practical training and be part of a team, with supervised participation in innovative projects for important clients (national and international). You will have a mentor who will oversee your well-being, learning and development.

At the end of the internship you may have the opportunity to join our staff depending on your supervisor’s evaluation.