AppNOS enables mobile interaction with existing B/O.

What it resolves

Facilitates mobile interactions with different backoffice services, products and applications, although not initially designed for mobile operation.

If this type of deployment is used with the native application, the reception of synchronous notifications and the use of the mobile devices’ gadgets can be enable to take advantage of the full potential.


AppNOS offers two types of interaction depending on the client’s needs.

Deployment with email that does not require authentication:

Deployment with authenticated native application:

  • AppNOS Direct Deployment: From the AppNOS application you can access simultaneously to an unique B/O resource.
  • AppNOS Server Deployment: From the AppNOS application you can access to all the B/O resources in a combined way.
  • Despliegue AppNOS eMail: Facilita la interacción desde movilidad, pero exclusivamente a través del correo electrónico del cliente.

Application Scenarios

Typical scenarios include:

  • Receiving process and system warnings/alerts
  • Decision-making
  • Consulting documents
  • Launching requests

B/O resources with which it interacts:

  • Process management (IBM, Bizagi, BPM PLAN, etc.)
  • Content management (Documentum, Alfresco, etc.)
  • ERP (SAP, Dynamic, Openbravo, etc.)
  • Document folders
  • Database queries
  • Customised applications