We advise our clients on the best ways to use ICT technologies for modern and efficient management.

Digital transformation of companies

This is based on a model that breaks the company’s processes down into three components: The Soul which reflects the status of the process and the decisions taken, the Body, which comprises the process data and documents, and the Speech which has to do with internal communications and third parties. The products and services offered by Cibernos for digital transformation include:

Digitization of the “Soul”

Automation of business processes.

  • We have our own process platform (PLAN) and a rapid development factory (AgilePlan Factory).
  • We can model and automate the company’s business processes.
  • Integrating them with each entity’s B/O.
  • And incorporating the active participation of third parties wherever possible (suppliers, partners, clients, etc.)

Digitization of the “Body”

Transformation of paper documents into much more versatile digital files.

  • For administrative documents, we can digitise the ones that provide access to and sharing of information. If we add OCR/ICR to the mix, we can also apply full text search operators.
  • For technical documents, we can digitise and vectorise facility and product plans using CAD technology for easier modelling and simulation. For larger dimensions such as territorial, land, urban development and infrastructure maps, GIS technology is the most appropriate and allows for spatial searches, route calculations and position-based assignment. Historical photos are better preserved and easier to share.
  • Alternatively, documents generated as a result of administrative processes can be created in digital format directly (Word, PDF, etc.); technical documents (reports, urban development files, real estate files, etc.) or layers of spatial information (GIS) can be generated from photogrammetric flights and digital cartography.

Digitization of the “Speech”

This facilitates communications, structured or otherwise, with those affected by the entity’s tasks.

  • It supports electronic certified notifications.
  • It provides information, notifications and decisions via email.
  • It provides apps and web portals for notification and processing.
  • It uses digital certificates for document submission and for signing decisions and documents.
  • It offers integrated multi-channel customer service to ensure that the status of the communications with the customer is under control at all times.
  • It eliminates the need for physical presence, saving time and travel with services such as video identification.