24 02, 2015

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

24 de February de 2015|

These are solutions that enable the company to comply with its corporate objectives, laws, regulations, procedures and risk control. SySprocess PRL: Occupational risk prevention per OHSAS 18001 (ORP solution). SySprocess MA (old CAMAprocess): Solution for quality assurance and compliance with environmental management under ISO 14001. SySprocess CAE (Business Activity Coordination): Solution for managing the

20 01, 2015

Sales and Marketing Solutions

20 de January de 2015|

These solutions are aimed at managing sales units, tracking opportunities and serving customers. New products launch: Solutions for coordinating the process of designing new products/services, coordinating the pertinent tasks and decisions. Product catalogue: Solutions for publishing and distributing the active product/service portfolio at any given time. Sales force management: Solution for tracking the sales

20 01, 2015

HR Solutions

20 de January de 2015|

These solutions focus on the most common Human Resources processes. Vacancies: Announcements of new openings. Selection: Selection processes to fill vacancies. Welcome: Processes of welcoming new hires or reassigned employees. Expenses: Management of the business expense approval processes with complex organisational structures. Activity reports: Reporting on hours spent, by project and

20 01, 2015

Collaborative Solutions

20 de January de 2015|

These solutions are aimed at sharing information and assigning tasks to foster collaboration. The solutions that fall into this category are aimed at solving problems of dysfunctional management characterised by a huge numbers of calls, messages, paper documents, etc. The solution is to create a new structured information environment and a knowledge repository

20 01, 2015

ICT Solutions

20 de January de 2015|

The "Optimus ICT Operation and Development" Suite provides comprehensive management of incidents and changes in the central and distributed infrastructure, user support and management of new developments. Operations Modules Incidents: Manages users’ incidents that end up being resolved or requiring support. Requests: Management of user requests from the catalogue of

3 01, 2015

BPM Solutions

3 de January de 2015|

BPM solutions have been developed with the BPM PLAN platform as a result of solving different problems that are easily applied to different customers. What they all have in common: Design by process/role Collaborative approach User interface based on task tray Traceability of operations Adaptable to different types of organisations and needs

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