Compliance Engine



2 11, 2016

Compliance Engine

2 de November de 2016|

The Compliance Engine is a generic solution for continuous compliance assessment on a process and document management platform. It can be applied to laws, standards, procedures, corporate objectives, ISOs, SLAs, sustainability indexes, etc. CE location outline What it offers A system that oversees compliance with external and internal

6 10, 2015


6 de October de 2015|

Process Center is the new attention concept powered by PlanTalk. It is a multi-channel attention platform integrated with business processes to effectively manage customer service and improve attention quality. . . What it resolves PlanTalk is designed to support advanced customer service platforms which at Cibernos we refer to as

22 01, 2015


22 de January de 2015|

Product focused on creating dashboards based on the use of visual components that can be viewed on different devices. What it resolves Analytical and reporting tool under web architecture which allows the user to see the analytical documents defined in BI4Web Studio from anywhere with Internet access.

21 01, 2015

SySprocess (ORP)

21 de January de 2015|

SySprocess is a regulatory compliance solution developed with BPM PLAN to facilitate compliance with OHSAS 18001 and article 16 of Law 31/1995 on the prevention of occupational risks. What it resolves Complying with all of the legal requirements concerning occupational risk prevention (Art. 16 of Law 31/1995) is often a difficult

20 01, 2015

ERP Openbravo

20 de January de 2015|

Openbravo ERP is designed for medium-sized enterprises in the services and distribution sectors. What it resolves Typical features of an ERP: Accounting and financial management E-billing Procurement Warehouses Sales Production Does not include payroll. Functionality The differentiating features are: Open Source product Multi-enterprise Multi-language Integrated with other ERPs

20 01, 2015

Mobility AppNOS

20 de January de 2015|

AppNOS enables mobile interaction with existing B/O. What it resolves Facilitates mobile interactions with different backoffice services, products and applications, although not initially designed for mobile operation. If this type of deployment is used with the native application, the reception of synchronous notifications and the use of the mobile devices’

15 01, 2015


15 de January de 2015|

Product for managing the assignment/authorisation of system rights. What it resolves WBSVision® includes "Security Services" that manage authentication, security and digital certification based on multiple protocols. Authentication services: WBSVision® allows users or computers to verify their identities in order to gain access to a certain environment, which is in turn audited.

15 01, 2015


15 de January de 2015|

Open source product for storage publication and backup management. What it resolves It basically solves two problems: Publication of storage on a device to be used by different servers. Generation of backup disks, tape libraries or storage clouds. Functionality WBSAirback® provides functionalities based on the latest technologies and innovations

4 01, 2015


4 de January de 2015|

Our own products BPM PLAN Mobility AppNOS SySprocess (ORP management) Third party products Openbravo ERP BI4WEB Our own Open Source products WBSAirback (Backup management) WBSVision (Identity management)

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