Digital transformation of companies


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/1-Consultoría y Proyectos
20 09, 2016

Digital transformation of companies

20 de September de 2016|

We advise our clients on the best ways to use ICT technologies for modern and efficient management. Digital transformation of companies This is based on a model that breaks the company's processes down into three components: The Soul which reflects the status of the process and the decisions taken, the Body, which comprises the

15 07, 2016

Gamification Projects

15 de July de 2016|

Web Gamification Web Gamification consists of offering web-based games that make everyday activities more amenable. In addition to making the task more pleasant, users earn points for commenting, participating in forums, viewing photos and videos, exchanging point for prizes, etc. in a competitive gaming environment that stimulates participation. The object with clients is to

29 04, 2016

Expectation Management

29 de April de 2016|

The aim of Expectation Management is to earn the customer’s loyalty. . . Expectation Management? When a customer lodges a complaint, what they are really saying is that the company has failed to meet their expectations. This displeasure, which converts the customer into a detractor, must be managed properly to

2 02, 2015

Technology consulting

2 de February de 2015|

Services designed to provide our customers with advice on the selection and use of ICT technologies. Technology consulting for: Selection of technology platforms. Selection of functional or technological products. Network security and WiFi deployment. Approach to and selection of GIS infrastructure. Web portals Document and VoIP infrastructure. Mobility deployment

2 02, 2015

Process Consulting

2 de February de 2015|

We advise our clients on how to organise their business by processes in pursuit of greater efficiency through “continuous improvement”. Process Consulting Standardisation and design of business processes. Automation of the company’s business processes (BPMS) and in B2B and B2A environments. Integration of processes in client’s B/O. Business

2 02, 2015

Smartcity Projects

2 de February de 2015|

When planning the systems of new cities, there are two types of IT services, depending on whether they are geared towards: - Building a smart city: creating a model of a city that is organised in such a way as to accommodate services and get to the most out of them. - Providing intelligent services:

2 02, 2015

BI Projects

2 de February de 2015|

Do you really want to know how your company is doing and identify the causes easily? Business Intelligence projects are those in which the main objective is to present certain data in such a way that users can quickly tell when everything is alright, according to the established parameters, and when

23 01, 2015

Mobility Projects

23 de January de 2015|

Heavy mobility projects Situations that require support systems for inspection, maintenance and audit field work with the following characteristics: Running on powerful windows/PC tablet type platforms With powerful GIS/GPS/camera/ barcode readers Intended for offline use and regular syncing with backoffice platform. Ruggedised devices for use in open fields and sun. Customised development projects for mobile

22 01, 2015

BPM Projects

22 de January de 2015|

The development of process management solutions provides a number of advantages, some of which include the assignment of work to profiles, the traceability of operations and the ease of continuous alignment with the business. BPMS  platforms favour the development of tactical solutions for business processes which are: Agile

16 01, 2015

GIS Projects

16 de January de 2015|

GIS systems provide the location of the elements as an additional attribute. They provide spatial queries to easily determine what is near/far or inside/outside. This technology adds tremendous value to issues where the location of the element is relevant. Special GIS for government agencies. Zoning Heritage Management Urban development management Street

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