SS: Management Of Offers, Purchases And ORP


2-Casos de Exito

/2-Casos de Exito
22 06, 2016

SS: Management Of Offers, Purchases And ORP

22 de June de 2016|

Geocisa implemented SySprocess ORP to manage their occupational risk prevention system and BPM-PLAN to manage their procurement processes, synchronised with their ERP.   Customer requirements Geocisa posed following challenges: Simplify, unify and/or standardise processes. Adapt the solution to the type of projects. Internal regulatory compliance. Powerful content repository. Same tool used for all processes.

10 03, 2015

SS: Asset Proposal Management

10 de March de 2015|

Banco Urquijo wanted to standardise the management of their commercial assets using a “single file” concept in order to comply with banking rules on the traceability of operations.   Customer requirements A flexible commercial tool that satisfies the following needs: Accessible from all sales offices. Easily adaptable to commercial needs at any given time.

15 01, 2015

SS: City Planning And Administration Maps

15 de January de 2015|

City planning and administration map for the City of Marbella &nbsp Customer requirements One of the biggest challenges facing the City of Marbella was to make its urban development procedures more transparent. From a functional point of view, this required: A solution that could be consulted on the Internet regardless of the browser used.

15 01, 2015

SS: inspection for compliance with PAC

15 de January de 2015|

The regional government is responsible for the financial aid awarded under the PAC and also for verifying the data presented by applicants. It therefore needs a field inspection solution that is integrated with administrative file management.   Customer requirements There are three problems which are related to: Administrative concessions: Application of the PAC’s wine-growing

15 01, 2015

SS: Expatriate Management

15 de January de 2015|

EMS implemented a solution for the sales and operations area that they share with their international suppliers. &nbsp Customer requirements In order to manage the organisation of multiple enterprises providing consulting services in different cities and countries, manage the service agreements and track the fulfilment of the service agreements, the customer’s needs were as

15 01, 2015

SS: Management Of Data Centre Operations

15 de January de 2015|

Management of knowledge and systems operations in a technically complex environment. &nbsp Customer requirements The IT infrastructure that supports BBVA’s business activities is enormously complex, with the following aspects requiring improvement: Organisational: Serious difficulties transmitting information on problems and maintenance activities from one shift operator to the next in an orderly fashion. Difficulty understanding

14 01, 2015

SS: Occupational Safety Officer

14 de January de 2015|

This solution allows suppliers to be active participants in REE’s occupational risk management. &nbsp Customer requirements The compliance with occupational risk legislation by REE, a company that manages critical infrastructure using a large number of external service providers, posed the following organisational and administrative problems: Intensive coordination with external providers Excessive volume of document

13 01, 2015

SS: Global Risk Management

13 de January de 2015|

BBVA has implemented a standardised solution for managing risk in all of the countries where it does business.   Customer requirements BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking (BBVA CIB) needed the solution quickly (fast “time to market”). The bank’s extensive back-office had to be capable of integrating with the bank’s front-end, risk systems and accounting

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